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March 12, 2012 at 11:08 pm #3246

Loving the way Arsenal r playing rite now and gotta say that I fully expected them 2 get in form when Vermaelen got back in the side regularly and a steadier side 2 pick from, and I feel it s a lot 2 do with Van Persie and the way he is leading the team from the front and the confidence the team r getting from the form RVP is in. The last 5 matches aswell have shown a new belief in Thomas Rosicky which was always there but he is now believing in his own ability with getting a good run of games in the starting line-up and with being injury free. And I feel the big thing now for them is they have the 2 leaders now fit and in the team at the same time and for a number of games. These r the main reasons which pass on 2 Theo Walcott and Alex Song and probably Bacary Sagna 2 play with a bigger sense of freedom as they know these guys will hold them together as a team. I’m not sure whether RVP scored in his 1st comeback match after his long injury lay-off but I did say while watching that game that he was now going to go on and prove himself the best player in the world, obviously apart from Messi with what he is doing but at that time Messi was only at the start of his phenomena but I did say then apart from probably Messi and maybe Ronaldo cos of where they r. Just his touch, vision and awareness in that 1st game back proved this 2 me, and I do believe he could go on 2 b the best in the world given the rite team and manager 2 play with, but we shall have 2 w8 and c about that!
Anyway, 2nites match Arsenal I feel deserved the win as they were the team who looked like they could get that goal in the last 10 minutes certainly and tho Newcastle United did hold their own pretty well Vermaelen’s desire 2 get in the 6yard box in injury time gives Arsenal that deserved winner I felt in a gr8 match. Thought all the Arsenal players I mentioned played well with Oxlade-Chamberlain and Koscielny also having good games. And I will say now I feel Arsenal will get 3rd with Tottenham possibly being 4th tho that depends whether Di Matteo can have those Chelsea under-achievers this season pulling in the same direction, which I believe he can but maybe not 2 the extent of catching Tottenham.
I will tho say here on my 1st message here that I think Man. Utd. will win the league like I said they would from the start and the reason I gave was Balotelli’s antics would cost them causing disrupt during the forthcoming season and my m8 who is an Arsenal fan was here at the time and he wants Man. City 2 win over Man. United winning cos he loves Balotelli as a player. Only wanted people on here 2 get the message I do know quite a bit on players, teams and how things may work in these football situations. Nice knowing u all and look 4ward 2 having some good talk and good laffs in future.
Oh yeah, here’s sumit 2 laff at, I’m a Kilmarnock FC fan, so yeaaaaaah, I know, WHAT DO I KNOW ‘BOUT FOOTBALL, but u will find out, quite a bit. Did u know we’re in the League Cup Final in Scotland playing Celtic in the final?

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