Football Boots

One of the most important pieces of football equipment is footwear. The football boot industry is a multi-million pound business with several top manufacturers spending millions on developments trying to enhance their product. We have put together several pages of the big brands to help show what they do and how the products have advanced.

The first record of football boots were in the days of Henry VIII in 1526 but in the past half a century or so things have moved on leaps and bounds. Studs are now generally considerable obsolete with most players wearing moulds or blades.

A problem with the new style of boots has been the lack of protection the boot gives to the top of the foot. The now infamous metatarsal bone has been broken many times in recent years during football matches and a lot of the blame on that has gone on the new style of boots, which provide a ‘slipper-like’ feel but fails to protect the foot from serious injury.