Head control

The term ‘head control’ is largely self-explanatory, being a means to cushion the ball and bring it down to the ground. Experts say that the best way to control the ball with your head is by making sure the first touch is a good one. The ball should hit directly onto the centre of your forehead so that it doesn’t fall down at an angle. Therefore, good concentration and accurate head-eye coordination is a must.

Also, many footballers forget that the correct movements are crucially important. By bending your knees and arching your back on impact, your head control will improve in turn through using your whole body as a shock absorber for the ball.

Head Control

Head Control

Another important thing to note is that, although it might be tempting to bend your head down to send the ball down faster, it is better to let gravity do the work, as this will allow you to have better control of the ball once it hits the ground. It might also be useful for you to spread your arms and legs to increase stability whilst you control the ball with your head.

Finally, though reading about these skills may make you wiser during gameplay, the best way to master anything control technique in football is to practise. As far as head control is concerned, try throwing the ball up or asking someone else to throw it towards you so that you can try and use your head skills. For safety, it is strongly urged that younger players practise with a soft ball to minimise any painful impact if unsuccessful in controlling the ball.