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Joma, a Spanish manufacturer of sports clothing and footwear was established in 1965 by Fructuoso Lopez. Over the last 33 years, Joma has gone from being a tiny organisation with just eight employees to a world-class company with subsidiaries located in North America, the United Kingdom, continental Europe and South East Asia. Joma’s football boots have been successful with everyone from professional players to amateurs. In 1992, its sales in Spain exceeded that of any other football boot manufacturer and in 1997, the company became the brand leader for Indoor Football. Today, Joma produces some of the best football boots currently available on the market. In addition, they also manufacture official team kits for the likes of Deportivo La Coruna, Charlton Athletic and Cardiff City FC. Here’s the lowdown on some of Joma’s top-selling creations.

Latest Boots

Adult Boots


Versions Available:

  • Joma Aguila Soft Ground Football Boots
  • Joma Aguila Mixed Ground Football Boots

The Aguila is made from kangaroo leather and is the quintessential classic football boot. Double stitching reinforcements in fifteen high pressure areas ensure that the player’s comfort is maximised and that the boot is as durable as possible. The Aguila has been designed to provide players with a terrific fit and excellent ball to foot contact. Players can choose between a black or white exterior. They must also decide between the Recambio, Mixed and PU12 soleplates. The Joma Aguila Soft Ground Football Boots feature the Recambio soleplate which comes with 6 super-light aluminium studs whilst the latter two soleplates feature 12 studs apiece. This boot is certain to enhance your performance on the pitch and is a worthy investment. Given its superior design, it is hardly surprising that the Aguila has received a favourable response from its current owners. In particular, users praise the high levels of comfort offered by the Aguila. They also appear to be particularly pleased with this boot’s sleek exterior.


Versions Available:

  • Joma Castilla Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Joma Castilla Soft Ground Football Boots

The Joma Castilla is another state of the art boot which is sure to impress on the aesthetic as well as the technical front. The Castilla is made from fine kangaroo leather and has a waterproof outer coating which allows this boot to perform admirably even in the wettest of conditions. This boot has been specially designed to ensure that it is as durable as possible. The Castilla also features the very latest technical innovations to be developed by Joma’s researchers, including the highly-rated Pulsar System. The Castilla’s sole is partly manufactured from Kevlar, a super-strong material made from woven fibres and otherwise used in the production of items such as bulletproof vests. The Castilla comes with a choice of two soleplates: the 6-stud Recambio for soft ground play and the 14-stud PU 14 Flexo sole for firm ground action. This boot has received positive feedback from players. They appear to be pleased with the new technologies featured and the Castilla’s ability to perform well even in the tough outdoor conditions. This boot is unlikely to disappoint you!

Numero 10

Versions Available:

  • Joma Numero 10 Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Joma Numero 10 Soft Ground Football Boots

Joma’s Numero 10 boot is certainly one of the most eye-catching creations in this manufacturer’s footwear range. You can choose between a stylish black and white or black and red exterior. The boots also come with a choice of soleplate: there’s the six ultra-light stud Recambio soleplate and the PU 14 Flexo soleplate. These boots have received a very positive response from their wearers. One amateur footballer described them as being “(very) durable (and) more than likely to be the most comfortable shoe (you’d) ever wear.”

Numero 10 Leather

Versions Available:

  • Joma Numero 10 Pulsor Firm Ground Leather Football Boots
  • Joma Numero 10 Pulsor Soft Ground Leather Football Boots

The Numero 10 Leather boot was introduced by Joma following the success of their Numero 10 boot. This boot has been manufactured from high-grade calf leather which allows the wearer to benefit from 360 degree comfort. The Numero 10 Leather boot also comes with a number of very desirable features. The left and right boots differ from each other in terms of design, with each boot being specially constructed to meet the specific needs of the foot in question. This boot comes in a variety of trendy colours including red and gold. Users can also choose between the Recambio and PU 14 Flexo Soleplates. Players appear to be very pleased with the Numero 10 Leather’s use of the latest innovations in boot technology and this boot has received many positive reviews from its wearers. Most users have found this boot to offer a good fit. However, 14% of users felt that the Joma Numero 10 Leather runs a full size larger than the size stated by the manufacturer.


Versions Available:

  • Joma Imperial PU Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Joma Imperial Soft Ground Football Boots
  • Joma Imperial Classic Soft Ground Football Boots

If you’re looking for a traditional boot, then the Imperial is certainly worth testing. This boot is primarily aimed at professional players and like many of the other boots in Joma’s range has been manufactured from full-grain Kangaroo leather. A layer of foam cushioning allows for increased comfort and reduces tension to the most sensitive parts of the foot. This boot also features a fold-over tongue which adds to the professional feel of this classic boot. Players can choose between the Recambio, Mixed and PU 12 soleplates, with the latter being best suited to play which takes place on hard ground or turf.

Gol II

Versions Available:

  • Joma Gol II Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Joma Gol II Soft Ground Football Boots

Joma Gol II boots are another excellent example of this Spanish sportswear manufacturer’s fine craftsmanship skills. Boots in this range come with an outer layer which has been strengthened through the use of a state of the art resin. This resin acts to increase ball to foot control thereby allowing the wearer to perform to their full potential on the pitch. The Gol II’s interior has been specially designed to reduce pressure to the foot whilst the boots’ asymmetric shape has been particularly popular with those users looking for a stylish, professional-looking boot. Again, players can choose between two different soleplates. The Recambio soleplate is best suited to soft ground action whilst the PU 14 Fibre sole plate works best on hard ground.


Versions Available:

  • Joma Granada Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Joma Granada Mixed Ground Football Boots
  • Joma Granada Soft Ground Football Boots

According to its manufacturers, Joma Granada boots represent the very best in “Spanish footballing pedigree.” Manufactured from luxurious calf leather, these boots come with reinforced heels and double stitched uppers which allow for increased shape retention. Embroidered detail on the exterior of the boot adds to the sublime sophistication of the Joma Granada. Users can choose between the Recambio, PU 14 Flexo and PU 27 soleplates. According to its fans, the PU 27 soleplate maximises traction on the pitch whilst carefully positioned studs ensure that the wearer benefits from superior levels of flexibility and shock absorption. According to its retailers, these boots are another great example of “Spanish expertise” and as such are unlikely to disappoint.


Versions Available:

  • Joma Classic Hard Ground Football Boots
  • Joma Classic Soft Ground Football Boots
  • Joma Classic Turf Ground Football Boots

The Classic range of football boots has been designed to maximise players’ poise and balance on the pitch. These boots also have a unique slimline design which allows for increased control. In addition, reinforced heels reduce stress to the Achilles tendon. Like many of the other boots manufactured by Joma, boots in the Classic series have been constructed from quality calf leather and come with a double-stitched outer layer. These boots remain a permanent favourite with amateur footballers who can choose between Recambio, PU 27 and Turf soleplates. If you’re looking for a sturdy but traditional boot, then the Joma Classic boot is definitely worth checking out.


  • Joma Portillo Hard Ground Football Boots
  • Joma Portillo Soft Ground Football Boots
  • Joma Portillo Turf Ground Football Boots

The Joma Portillo boot has been manufactured from top-quality calf leather. A double-density wheel counter works to maximise durability. Like the boots in the Numero 10 Leather range, these boots display the very best in contemporary shoe technology. Outsoles have been specially designed to provide maximum shock absorption and users can choose between the Recambio, PU 27 and Turf soleplates.

Toledo 80

Versions Available:

  • Joma Toledo 1980 Soft Ground Football Boots
  • Joma Toledo 1980 M27 Hard Ground Football Boots

The Toledo boot was named after one of Spain’s most historic cities. Like its namesake town, this boot is sure to impress. The Toledo’s hallmark is its strength. According to Joma researchers, these boots “surpassed…150,000 flexion cycles” when they were tested in the most trying conditions. A double nylon interior increases durability and provides additional cushioning for the user’s foot. These boots also come with pre-moulded heel stabilisers and users can choose between the Recambio and the PU 14 Flexo soleplates. The Toledo 80 received positive reviews from the majority of its current users, many of whom have praised its ability to resist wear and tear. However, one user surveyed took issue with the Toledo’s studs, stating that they weren’t as long as he would have liked them to be.

Junior Boots

Junior Numero 10

Joma Junior Numero 10s are some of the finest Junior football boots currently available on the market. Wearers are presented with a choice of soleplates. The Alcala soleplate comes with 6 lightweight aluminium studs and has been specially designed to ensure that the user’s weight is distributed across the entirety of the shoe. There’s also the PU 12 soleplate which comes with twelve high resistance studs. Users have found that this boot never fails to respond on the pitch and the majority of its current owners say that they would recommend it to potential buyers.

Junior Gol II

The Junior Gol II has proved to be quite popular with aspiring footballers. Given this boot’s fine design, however, this isn’t particularly surprising. The Junior Gol II shares many of the positive features seen in the Adult Gol II. However, additional cushioning ensures that the child’s feet are kept as comfortable as possible when out on the pitch.

Junior Classic

Joma Junior Classic football boots are an excellent option for any young footballer. Like the adult version of this boot, the Junior Classic has an elegant shape and represents the very best in traditional footwear design. Deep reinforced heel counters have been put in place in order to reduce the likelihood of the wearer sustaining an Achilles injury. These boots have been manufactured from the softest calf leather and also come with cushioned interiors which are sure to keep growing feet as comfortable as possible. Wearers can also choose between the Alcala and PU12 soleplates. Best of all, this boot is very affordable.

Junior Portillo

If you’ve worn the Joma’s Adult Portillo, then you’ll probably understand why the Junior version of the boot has received such a positive response from its young wearers. These boots incorporate many of the favourable features seen in the design of the Adult Portillo Boots. However, they’ve been specially constructed to suit the requirements of a child’s feet. Their design includes soft padded interiors and a reinforced heel for added comfort. Users have found these boots to be very durable. The Junior Portillo comes in two classic colours – black and white – and users can choose between the Alcala, PU 12 and Turf soleplates.


Regardless of whether you’re after traditional or trendy footwear, Joma’s range of football boots has something for everyone. You’ll find that these boots have been designed to incorporate the very latest in boot technology and are therefore bound to enhance your playing performance.